Development with openABK openABK development resources


This site helps developers to implement the openABK capabilities to their device. Usually an existing design shall be expanded by openABK features. For example, you want to extend a data logger to be able to communicate with a display device.

Since openABK is a typical client-server system, interests are split into these items:

  • Server-specific items such as handling HTTP requests and adapting to the internal measurement data
  • Client-specific items such as obtaining data from a server
  • Common items such as cross-platform items and JSON decoding and parsing

Ready C++ Code

To ease implementation, there is a ready C++ code which you can use to expand the capabilities of your existing system. To use this code, your system must meet the following requirements:

  • Multithreading: Starting threads, using Events, Semaphores and Mutexes
  • STL library: The STL is used mainly for strings and container classes
  • Sockets: Besides the HTTP client, the optional server discovery feature needs sockets for UDP transmission.

An openABK server needs a generic HTTP server. If you do not have one in your system, think of using the open source Mongoose-Server.

Clients using the ready code need an ATL HTTP client. If there is none available, an adaption layer must be written to any other HTTP client.

Ready JavaScript Client

As the concept had to be proven, a demo implementation on a browser was built. You can use this code as a starting point for implementing a display on a browser.